visage features are plentiful and free!

employee self-onboarding

Invite your employee to complete their personal data online to save time

online pay stub access

Grant access to your employee to view and print their pay stubs online

employee to employee payments

Employees may loan, borrow and pay other employees within Visage Payroll.

employee access

Employees can access their paystubs and pay information anytime from anywhere with online access on their computer, tablet, or mobile device

new hire reporting

New hire forms are automatically filed to the proper state agency

Tax Filings

Federal, state and local payroll forms are automatically filled out and filed to the correct agency including all annual forms like W-2 and 1099 forms. Access copies of your forms online at anytime

tax calculations & payments

Federal, state, and local taxes are calculated, withheld, and paid automatically on your behalf. No need to worry about penalties for late payments!


Have employees with the same recurring pay? Set all or some of them to auto pay and Visage will automatically pay them each period.

contractor payments & 1099 forms

Visage Payroll takes care of your 1099 contractors as well as W-2 employees

unlimited payrolls & off-cycle payrolls

Run as many payrolls as your business needs with no worry about extra fees

cancel payroll

Quickly cancel a payroll with a single click and re-run it when ready, for no extra cost.

net-to-gross preview payroll

Want to pay your employees a specific dollar amount after tax? No problem with Visage Payroll’s built in Net to Gross paychecks you simply enter the net amount and Visage will take care of the rest

direct deposit pay card & checks

Pay your employees by any combination of direct deposit, pay card, check, or a split out payments among multiple bank accounts.

intuitive company setup

Easy setup makes going from signup to running payroll a breeze

online form signing

Visage Payroll makes signing manual forms a thing of the past with online form signing

vacation & sick days

Add and track PTO plans to your employees


Add HSA, FSA, retirement, and medical plan deductions to your employees.


Pay reimbursements to your employees or contractors along or separately from your regular payroll

pay as you go workers' comp

Enroll in Pay As You Go Worker’s Compensations and only pay premiums on actual payrolls you run

preview payroll

Preview your payroll before submitting it for processing to ensure accuracy and make changes with the click of the mouse

multi-payroll schedules

Pay employees on weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly pay schedules

preview reports

Employees may loan, borrow and pay other employees within Visage Payroll.

mobile & web access 24/7

Access and run your payroll from anywhere at anytime with an online connection




Your transmitted data is kept safe using the highest encryption standards available, including 256-bit SSL encryption. This is the same technology that banks use to keep your account information safe. All account information you provide, including passwords and personal details, is protected using this technology.